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hi everyone
Howdy! is a project from the friends behind replay hosting site, iconic mountaineering strat highperching, and (back in the day) preeminent arranged team collective Clan TOWA. Our native gametypes are 3v3 and 4v4 AT, and as the war3 playerbase has dwindled it has become increasingly difficult to actually find games in these purest of gametypes.
In attempting to determine the hottest times for specific gametypes, it was clear that we'd have to gather information about all games. We only really care about 3s and 4s AT, but since we have all of this data, why not publish information of a broader scope? War3 has been on the decline for quite a while, but recently such events as significant patches by Blizzard, Grubby's return to the game, and dedicated tournament coverage appear to be imparting at least some new life to the game. This tool will, hopefully, help to quantify the renewed interest in the game.
The software powering this site, wig-heat, is open-source - if you want to add or change functionality or style, send me a pull request!
Tons of thanks to iggyfisk, Mata, and pecanswa for helping build this. Additional thanks to the rest of the crew for playing war3 et al with me for 11 years: timg4strok, Blinn, Iceberg-Slim, dnkles, Thormjun, and Shamshel.
If you want to get in touch, send me an email or @ me. See ya!
Q: Where are you getting the data?
A: Here! GameIDs are sequential, so it's pretty easy to scrape them all.
Q: How does this all work?
A: Python 3, BeautifulSoup, SQLAlchemy/SQLite, d3.js, NVD3, and bash/cron. We first traverse each game's detail page in order (in, grabbing the GameID, date/time, gametype, game length, and map and shoving it all into a database. Once we have enough games, we can generate useful collections of data to be interpreted and displayed (done in After millions of games have been crunched to useful data in the form of CSVs, a static frontend displays the visualizations using d3.js, mostly via NVD3.
Q: How often is the data updated?
A: Daily. The previous day's games are fetched and new queries are run starting at 08:00 UTC. The previous day's data will be visible at around 09:00 UTC.
Q: What happened on 2017-04-05?
A: Patch 1.28 was released, which was broken for a bunch of people (especially MacOS and WinXP users).
Q: What happened to Lordaeron on 2018-04-10?
A: Patch 1.29 was released. I'm not sure why this boosted Lordaeron in specific - maybe it's the default gateway for a fresh install? Regardless, it was the first gameplay-affecting patch in 7 years!
Q: What happened between 2018-05-30 and 2018-11-19?
A: The ladder game results pages stopped updating. Games were still being played, but they weren't being assigned GameIDs that were visible on the full games listings. Since that's our source of data, there was no way to update anything. This also happened to Kalimdor on 2018-01-13. As far as I know, Blizzard hasn't publicly discussed what's going on with the ladder pages, but it looks like they're back for now! (except for Kalimdor)
Q: Why does the data only start in 2017?
A: Logging each game requires an http request to the Ladders page, and with ~3.8 million total games played in 2016, that's a lot of requests! I'm trying to be considerate of Blizzard by not parallelizing the scraping process and blasting their servers with hundreds of requests per second, so it's a big job. I actually did scrape most of 2016, but the games are weirdly out of order - a bunch of 2016 games are mixed in with 2015 games, and that's more work than I want to do right now. It's possible that eventually I'll have the entire ladders history (all the way back to June 2008), but that's about 150 million total games - we'll see. Currently an EC2 t2.small takes about 1 minute per million games to crunch down to CSVs. Some rearchitecture may be required...
Q: Can I play around with your data?
A: Sure! The daily CSV exports are here, and the SQLite database files are on Github (though they won't always be up-to-date).
Q: Does this represent RoC, or TFT, or both?
A: All data is TFT-only, with the exception of the "All Realms" time series which counts both RoC and TFT games. See the Statistics page for details on how games are classified as RoC or TFT.
Q: How are you accounting for lossbots/icon grinders?
A: By ignoring games shorter than 3 minutes. This is not foolproof, but this whole endeavor is pretty seat-of-the-pants.
Q: What about w3arena and netease?
A: I know - they're not included, this is data only. If you're aware of an API or datasource for the alternate ladders that could be parsed to [unique gameid, datetime, gametype, gamelength, map], let me know or send a PR and I'd be happy to add them!
Q: What is "Wig"?
A: "Warcraft" "III" "Games". e.g. "Do you want to wig?", "I'm wigging out", "It's prime time, there are wigs to be had"...
Q: Heatmaps are weird on gametypes with fewer than 10 total games played?
A: Yep
Q: web site doesn't work on my computer?
A: Use a modern browser and OS
Q: I'm bad at war3?
A: sorry to hear that..don't forget about these bad boys đŸ¤‘