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shortgames: games 2 minutes or shorter. discarded in most charts as we don't care too much about lossbots.
realgames: games 3 minutes or longer.
realratio: ratio of the above two variables. higher means more real games, lower than 1 means more shortgames than realgames. e.g. 0.24 means only 24% of games in that realm/type were longer than 3 minutes.
rocgames: games played on maps that only exist in the Reign of Chaos mappool for each game's gametype.
tftgames: games played on maps that only exist in the Frozen Throne mappool for each game's gametype.
overlapgames: games played on a map that exists in both the RoC and TFT mappools and are therefore ambiguous in terms of which game (RoC/TFT) they were played in.
tftratio: the ratio of known TFT games to known RoC games, based on the mappool calculations above.
estimatedtftgames: using the ratio above to divide up ambiguous games ('overlapgames'), the estimated number of TFT games in a realm/gametype.
estimatedrocgames: the inverse of estimatedtftgames.